Makin’ Scents…


It’s not very pretty, but I hope is smells good.

Today I tried a new experiment.  I’ve found it difficult to find good smelling cone incense.  I have gum arabic, some powdered wood (pine and black walnut), and some lovely spices, so I figured I’d make up some incense cones.  On the left is gum arabic, walnut, and sandalwood, and on the right is gum arabic, pine resin (from the tree outside), pine wood powder, and cinnamon.  After it dries for a day or two, I’ll see if it lights, and how it smells.  Wish me luck…

Addendum:  I have tried the pine/cinnamon cone, and it smells lovely – I just have trouble keeping it lit.  It actually burned down through the center once it got going.  May need to adjust the formula to have more combustibles.  The husband says it smells like a sugar cookie got tossed into a campfire.  Mmmmmmm….


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