Contemplating my insecurity

I’ve come to a crossroads.  Do I link this blog to my FaceBook page, let people I know connect me with things I write?  Seriously, it’s really bugging me.  It’s because I’m afraid.  Why would anyone want to read something I wrote?  I’m no expert on anything.  Who would give a rat’s patoot what I wrote?  Yeah, kinda dumb coming out of a Journalism major. 

I guess the craziest thing is that I know that most of what I read is not written by experts in anything.  They’re a bunch of dumb mooks like me, running off at the mouth (keyboard?).  It’s whining, complaining, pontificating, often with no knowledge whatsoever behind the screed.  But that’s just it – I don’t want people to think I’m just some dumb mook who is wasting time whining, complaining and pontificating. 

And yes, there is the irony that nobody will ever read this little exercise in indecision unless I connect it to something. 

I guess I’ll have to dive in sometime.  I mean, I already talk to myself all the time – I should write to myself as well?  So, I might as well just…do it.  Maybe.  Yeah, yeah I’ll do it.

Just not today. 


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